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Waxing For Men

Underarm Wax......£11

Chest Wax......£19

Back Wax......£19

Men's Grooming

Although any of the treatments offered at the Rowan Tree may be enjoyed by men, we do offer a number of treatments that are especially suitable for the needs of men.

Eyebrow Grooming For Men

15 mins......£10


Fed up with the monobrow or hairy caterpillars above your eyes?! A good eyebrow shape emphasises the eye and gives them a more youthful & awake look. By trimming, waxing & plucking your eyebrows are sculpted into a shape that takes into account facial proportion & perfectly complements your eye contour.

Our waxing treatments use Perron Rigot, the number one professional wax company, which has been established in for over 30 years. This is a high-quality low-temperature wax is hypoallergenic & fragrance free making it ideal even for sensitive skins. Using innovative shrink wrapping technology even short coarse hairs are gripped, giving superior results  far surpassing other waxes on the market. Carried out by an experienced therapist, our waxes are quick, professional & confident.


Eyelash & Brow Tinting For Men

Eyelash Tinting (30 mins).........................£15

Eyebrow Tinting (15 mins)........................£10

Wanting defined eyelashes? Want to cover greying eyebrow hairs? All our eyelash & brow tints are given using Refectocil tints, which have been selling worldwide for over 60 years. These high-quality tints offer long-lasting definition to the lashes, and unlike other ranges are available in a number of lavish colours including black, blue-black, deep blue, brown, light brown, red, chestnut & grey.


Eyebrow & lash tints last for 6-8 weeks and are an ideal solution for those who want their eyebrow colour to match their hair, would like more defined eyelashes, are contact lens wearers or have allergies to cosmetics. Tinting is especially suited to regular swimmers and before holidays, weddings & special occassions.


Note. In order to avoid any chance of allergic reaction, please ensure you have a tint test 24 hours prior to treatment. This only takes a few moments to perform; phone to book on (01903) 882683.


...Hand & Foot Grooming For Men

Executive Hand & Nail Treatment For Men

20 mins......£19


For men who like that groomed look, or for those who want their men to have that groomed look! Hands are conditioned with the LaRemedi system, the nails are shortened & tidied, the cuticles are softened & the nails are pushed back...and for the daring a matt clear varnish is applied for protection of the nail!



Executive ZenSpa Footcare For Men

30 mins......£26


For men who want their hard skin sorted & their feet to have that groomed & cared-for look. Feet are bathed in a foaming aromatic bath, the cuticles are conditioned, hard skin is buffed away, nails are shaped & the feet are massaged to ease aches & pains...bliss! Finally, a cooling foot spray containing aromatic botanicals is spritzed over your feet to instantly revive & stimulate them, leaving them feeling fresh & rejuvinated.

Heel Peel Treatment For Calluses

30 mins......£28


A results-driven treatment for those with a build-up of hard or cracked skin on their heels. This is a bladeless treatment with no discomfort, simply relax back as a skin-softening patch is applied to the heels, and whilst it works its magic enjoy a relaxing oil-free scalp massage or a nourishing hand massage. With the skin softened it is easily sloughed away to reveal instant results. To complete the treatment a nourishing moisturising cream is massaged into the heels, never will your heels have felt so soft smooth!

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