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- Jessica Natural Nail Cultivation System -


Any woman or man can achieve healthy nails with proper care and maintanance.  Every part of the Jessica Nail Cultivation System® is about promoting the well-being of the natural nail. The System is a synthesis of technique, philosophy and products. The cornerstone of the JESSICA System is the ability to analyze and recognise each nail type and treat each nail with specially formulated treatments.


Jessica ZenSpa Pedicure

60 mins......£32


Begin your ZenSpa journey by slipping your feet into an aromatic foaming foot bath, then relax back as your cuticles are conditioned, your hard skin is buffed away & your feet are gently polished to reveal soft silky smooth skin.  A silkening souffle lighter than air is then massaged into the legs & feet, melting away any tension & easing aches & pains. Finally, a cooling foot spray containing aromatic botanicals is spritzed over your feet to instantly revive & stimulate them, leaving them feeling fresh & rejuvinated. Having concluded the ZenSpa journey it only remains to apply Jessica's long lasting polish to your toes, you'll soon be walking out as though treading upon air!


Jessica's ZenSpa System


Most of use use & abuse our feet without a care in the world, up until that point when they're just screaming, "enough"! In answer to this is Jessica's ZenSpa, not just a luxury but a vital therapy for the stresses of modern life. Choose from Calming Green Tea, Energising Ginger & Revitalising Citrus, whatever your mood, there's a pedicure for you!

Jessica Deluxe Pedicure

75 mins......£42


Thought a pedicure couldn't get any better? Think again! This takes the ZenSpa Pedicure a step further with the addition of a botanical mask, which is smoothed over the feet to both soothe & soften, breaking down dead skin & boosting cellular repair.  The feet are then placed into thermal heated booties, which works not only to deeply nourish the feet but also to enable deeper penetration of the oils & creams, to soften hard skin & cuticles, improve circulation,soothe achey feet & help ease stiff joints. This warming treat is especially enjoyable in the cold winter months.

Jessica Express Pedicure

30 mins......£23


Cuticles are tidied, the nails are shaped & treated with prescriptive basecoat before being lavished with Jessica's hard-wearing polish.

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