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Cleansing & Toning For Perfect Preparation!

  • Essential Cleansing Milk with Neroli - A light cleanser to help protect, repair and soften all skin types.


  • Hydra-Radiance Cleansing & Smoothing Mousse - A 3-in-1 radiance mousse to cleanse, plump and moisturise all skin types.


  • Fresh Purifying Gel with Ylang Ylang - A fresh cleansing gel to help deeply purify and refresh oily skin types.


  • Soothing Micellar Water with Rose D'Orient - A soothing cleanser to delicately cleanse and soften sensitive skin types.


  • Brightening Cleansing Oil - A brightening cleanser which helps to add radiance and luminosity to dull skin types.


  • Brightening Cleansing Foam - A creamy cleanser to restore radiance for an even, glowing complexion.

Flawless skin starts with perfect preparation, and although we all know the mantra “cleanse, tone and moisturise”, very few know the reasons behind it and some omit it all together (you know who you are!).  In this first part I thought I’d explain why this formula of ’cleanse and tone’ is key to healthy looking skin.


However, before I do I want to dispel the myth that it all takes too long!  From start to finish a full skincare routine need only take 6 or 7 minutes.  In Japan, where a strict skincare regime is instilled at an early age, they manage on average to apply 8 products to the face in 10 minutes, whereas in the UK 56% of women simply swipe their face with one of those dreaded chemically alcohol-laden wipes, which do little more than wipe off some surface dirt and dry out the skin!  


Whilst forgivable in an emergency, skin wipes only clean the very surface of the skin.  By the very nature of the manner in which they are wiped across the skin, they cannot hope to clean deep into the pores, which means that when they are used in the long-term the pores becomes clogged and congested, causing break-outs and reactive skin.  Worse still, many of them are laden with a cocktail of unpleasant chemicals and alcohols that leave behind a drying 'film' on the skin, which can lead to the development of a dry, dehydrated and sensitive complexion.






Perfectly clear, pure and healthy skin all begins with proper cleansing, both morning and night, to remove dirt, damaging pollution, sweat, stale oils and previously applied oils/balms and creams.  Without it the skin becomes congested, leading to blackheads, whiteheads, spots and dull reactive skin.  However, cleansing also increases the skin’s circulation and improves the pliability and suppleness of the skin.  Moreover, without properly cleansing the accumulation of dirt, oils and dead skin cells that builds up on its surface, the skin will not be able to properly absorb anything you apply to it, including any of your expensive creams and serums!


Skin cleansers have come a long way, and professional ranges, such as Decleor, now offer a range of cleansers to suit all skin types, each being formulated to tackle specific conditions.  Here at The Rowan Tree we stock the following paraben-free range of cleansers from Decleor:

To Use: On average you need about a 50p piece size of cleanser, which is massaged over the skin in small circular movements for about one minute, which will help cleanse deep into the pores.  It is important you don’t massage the cleanser completely in as it needs to remain partially on the surface to draw out all the impurities.  Then, either rinse or wipe off the cleanser with damp cotton wool pads and pat dry.  


Top tip: If you are wearing heavy make-up it is best to cleanse twice to ensure the skin is thoroughly clean.





Of course, all parts of the face should be cleansed, the delicate eye contour included, whether you are wearing eye make-up or not.  Pollution, dirt, sweat, oils and stale creams build-up about the eye contour as much as any other part of the face, for this reason it is better to think of it as an ‘eye cleanser’ rather than just a make-up remover.


Because the eyes are more delicate than the rest of the face, being thinner and with less pores, very few normal face cleansers can be used about the eye orbit as they are far too heavy, causing the eye contour to become clogged and puffy.  For this purpose Decleor have formulated a specific fragrance & paraben-free eye cleanser with camellia oil, which quickly removes all impurities & make-up, even water-proof mascaras.  It also works to refresh and treat the eye contour, and for that purpose can be used as a cooling compress to soothe, decongest and help reduce dark-circles (Corn Flower Water) as well as nourishing and comforting the skin (Camelia Oil).


To Use:  Apply a small amount to dampened cotton wool and then press gently over the eye contours, holding for a few moments to allow the remover to soften any make-up or impurities.  Then gently wipe away.  It is important not to be too aggressive about the eye area, because rubbing too hard about this delicate area can cause premature ageing!







Of all the steps to healthy skin, this is probably the most underestimated.  It is also the most often omitted step, probably as very few seem to even know of its purpose!  After cleansing an average of 10-15% of make-up and impurities remains on the skin, and if that isn’t fully removed it prevents anything applied after from absorbing effectively.


Besides ensuring perfectly clean skin, a toner also rebalances the skin’s pH.  The skin is naturally acidic, with a pH of between 5 & 6, which helps prevent harmful organisms thriving on its surface.  Cleansing temporarily disrupts this acidity, making the skin alkali; without a toner the skin can take up to 8 hours to recover its pH.


Toners may also include additional ingredients that help to hydrate, nourish, soothe, protect, balance out oil production & refine pores, which is why it is important to choose the right toner for your skin.  Here at The Rowan Tree, we stock the following range of paraben-free toners from Decleor, which are perfect partners of their corresponding cleansers (due to the nature of its micellar water formula, the Soothing Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin requires no toner):

  • Essential Tonifying Lotion with Neroli - A light toner to awaken the complexion, whilst helping to fight skin dehydration .


  • Fresh Mattifying Lotion with Ylang Ylang - A fresh toner which helps to purify and balance oily/combination skin types.


  • Hydra-Brightening Lotion - A brightening toner which helps to refresh dull skin types whilst adding radiance.

To Use - Dampen a cotton wool pad with water and squeeze it out, then saturate the pad with the alcohol-free toner for your skin type.  Sweep this over the skin, and then blot dry with a tissue, otherwise the atmosphere will draw this moisture from the skin, leaving it dehydrated.