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Electrolysis - Blend & Diathermy

First Appointment (30 mins to include consultation)......£27

10 mins......£17


Electrolysis is the only medically approved and proven method of permanent hair removal.  It is especially suited to lip, chin, eyebrow, bikini, underarm, abdomen, upper arms, around the ears, the top of the back, fingers, toes and areas where ingrowing hairs are problematic.  By causing controlled tissue destruction at the base of the follicle, electrolysis weakens the hair to inhibit growth.  At the Rowan Tree we use three types of electrolysis, these being diathermy, galvanic and the blend.


Diathermy Method

In the diathermy method a thin probe is inserted into the hair follice.  Heat is then delivered there to destroy the base of the follicle, thereby inhibiting hair growth.  This method is the fastest of the three techniques but can be uncomfortable and is less effective than galvanic and the blend.


Galvanic Method

In the galvanic method the thin probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a galvanic current is applied, causing a caustic substance called lye to be formed in the follicle.  The lye works to dissolve the base of the follicle and thereby inhibit hair growth.  This method is gentle and effective, being extremely tolerable to the majority of people.  However, it is a fairly slow process as it takes longer to treat each individual hair than diathermy.


Blend Method

By far the best method, and one growing in popularity, is the blend.  In this method a galvanic current is used to create lye and destroy the follicle, but is combined with a very small amount of diathermy, the heat ofwhich speeds up the process.  This method is the most effective, whilst being relatively quick and comfortable.  For this reason it has become the preferred method of most electrolygists and their clients.