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Men's Facial Treatments 


These high-performance facials, using Decelor's specially formulated men's range, feature the first ever professional mask developed exclusively for men's skin. This invigorating foam mask contains eucalyptus, peppermint & clove to envelop the face in botanical freshness.


It's active formula gives immediate & long-lasting visible results, working to revive, refresh & clarify the complexion, calm irritation, tighten pores and tone the skin, leaving it perfectly matt & purified.

Express Energising Face Treatment

30 mins......£35

An express detoxifying treatment for men on the go. Beginning with a shoulder massage, this express facial incorporates cleansing, exfoliation & an aroma-pressure massage, before the application of Decleor's 'pure energy' mask to hydrate & revitalise. After a relaxing scalp massage the mask is removed using hot towels & Skin Energiser Fluid is applied, leaving the complexion bright, matt, healthy & protected.


Intensive Energising Face Treatment

75 mins......£52

The ultimate detoxifying treatment for pure, fresh & rebalanced skin.  Beginning with a tension relieving back massage, the face is deep-cleansed and exfoliated so that purifying yet soothing serums & balms might be smoothed into the skin.  A 'pure energy' mask is applied & a relaxing scalp massage given. Hot towels remove the mask & the skin is protected by moisturising fluid to deliver immediate & visible results.

Men's Body Treatments 


Of course, all of the Decleor body treatments may be enjoyed by men. However, understanding that men's skin presents its own individual needs, we offer the following treatments that have been specially put together with the specific concerns of men in mind.

Body Aromassage

Back Massage (30 mins)......£30

Full Body (1 hr)......£53

Full Body, Face, Neck & Scalp (90 mins)......£68

A deeply relaxing massage treatment to de-stress, release tension & improve skin condition. Pure aromatic balms release their relaxing, stimulating, detoxifying or toning benefits deep into the skin, whilst specialised techniques are used to soothe away muscular tension & stiffness.


Decleor Deep Tissue Energiser Massage

Back Massage (45 mins)......£40

Full Body Massage (75 mins)......£58

Deep, powerful and rhythmic remedial massage techniques are combined with 100% natural aromatic balms to relieve tension, ease muscular aches and pains, and release fibrous knots - intense relaxation of body and mind!


Decleor Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

60 mins......£65

A deeply relaxing therapy combining the power of aromatic balms with the use of hot basalt stones.  As the stones glide across the body's contours their warmth penetrates and relaxes the muscles, melting away tension and re-balancing the body's energies.


Intensive Energising Body Treatment

70 mins......£65

A revitalising treatment for a pure sensation of energy & deep relaxation. The body is exfoliated to polish off any dead skin cells & stimulate the circulation. A warming balm is then massaged into the skin to invigorate & ease any tension.  A purifying mask is then applied to the body to deep cleanse the skin & improve it's appearance, after which the body is wrapped in a heated "thermal-blanket". Whilst enveloped in the mask, a relaxing scalp massage is given, and when removed a stimulating gel-cream is applied to revitalise, protect & hydrate.

Using the prestigious Decleor skin care line, recognised the world over as the most comprehensive & effective range of aromatherapy face & body treatments. For over 40 years Decleor research scientists have applied modern investigative techniques to the study of aromatherapy & phytotherapy to produce cutting-edge natural aroma-skincare products that are unmatched in their effectiveness & olfactory delight.


Natural beauty comes from an understanding of how the body works & how the powers of nature can be harnessed to encourage balance & vitality in life. Understanding this, Decleor's approach to beauty is based on the union of holistic philosophies with pure, potent & natural ingredients.


Decleor is not tested on animals.


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