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...Facial Treatments

Using the prestigious Decleor skin care line, recognised the world over as the most comprehensive & effective range of aromatherapy face & body treatments. For over 40 years Decleor research scientists have applied modern investigative techniques to the study of aromatherapy & phytotherapy to produce cutting-edge natural aroma-skincare products that are unmatched in their effectiveness & olfactory delight.


Following a skincare consultation, your therapist will choose aromatherapeutic products to deliver results for you individual skin type and offer expert advice on the continued care of your skin. Recognising that the body is an outer expression of inner health, all of our Decleor facials begin with a relaxing back massage and include specialised facial massage techniques as well as a relaxing hand & arm massage whilst the mask works its magic.


Decleor is not tested on animals.

Moisture Quench (With Neroli Flower Buds)

Bathe your skin in moisture...for soft, smoothe, plump & supple skin. At the heart of this facial is the Hydra Force Moisturising Mask, whose intensive formula contains high-performance active ingredients. This instant & long-term response to thirsty skin combines fruit powder & flower syrup in synergy to both balance the skin & hydration levels.


Divine Nutrition (With Marjolaine)

A deeply nourishing facial for very dry skins with a concentrated dual-phase masque.  A hydrating phase containing Baobab Jelly is massaged in to replenish the skin's "water capital", then a rich creamy mask containing Chestnut Extract & essential oils is applied to rapidly compensate the most nutritionally-deficient skin.  The skin is left comforted, nourished & protected.


Harmonie Calm (With Rose d'Orient Petals)

A wonderfully calming treatment to bring immediate comfort to stressed, fragile, reactive & sensitive skins. The Harmonie Calm Intense mask combines an anti-redness powder with a soothing & softening aromatic lotion,  to decongest the epidermis, calm redness, soothe irritation, reduce tightness & reinforce the skin's barrier.  For skin that is smoothe, calm & cool!

Oxygenating Pure & Matte (With Ylang Ylang Flowers)

An advanced professional response to treat oily & combination skin. This balancing treatment includes a specialised mask containing absorbent plant powders & purifying aquatic plant extracts to blot excess oil, reduce sebum production, refine the skin texture & prevent blemishes. Result: the skin is deeply clean & pure with a refined, matt & luminous complexion.

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Radiance (With Acacia Flower)

This advanced response for dull or pigmented complexions harnesses the benefits of pure Vitamin C powder combined with Decleor's White-Bright Complex to give an instant radiance boost to the skin. The White-Bright Extreme mask lightens & brightens the complexion, and works to stimulate cellular regeneration, leaving it luminous, glowing & radiant.

Aroma Anti-Ageing Facials

90 mins......£70


These aromatic anti-ageing rituals draw upon specialised techniques and methods to meet the changing needs of the skin at different stages of our lives to best maintain the health of the skin. Each Aroma-Expert Anti-Ageing Facial combines potent aromatherapeutic products and unique professional masks with tagetted techniques to provide a tailored response to ageing skin.


Choose from one of the following three programmes:

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist

Ideal For 30-40yrs.

The secret to eternal youth!  A fusion of science and nature, this exceptional treatment gorges the skin with the acclaimed anti-ageing ingredient hyaluronic acid, plus powerful youth-boosting botanicals, to intensively target lines and wrinkles.  Its potent wrinkle-smoothing mask is packed with anti-oxidants and Galanga Extract to lift, plump and firm, while gentle exfoliation refines the skin texture.  Offering dramatic and immediate results, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed to ensure the skin is left luminous and radiant.


Collagen Plump & Lift

Ideal For 40-50yrs.

A cutting-edge facial to invigorate & firm mature skin.  After a sculpting & toning massage using Qi Booster rollers to stimulate micro-circulation & revitalise the skin, the unique thermal "Lift Experience" masque is applied.  This dual-phase mask begins by layering the skin with a Patch Effect Cream rich in Corn, Saiko, Serine and Shea Butter.  The active ingredients in this Patch Effect Cream work to smooth wrinkles by ‘filling’ them from within, firm facial contours by promoting synthesis of collagen I & III and strengthen the skin’s barrier function through nutrition rich in Essential Fatty Acids.  Over this first layer the unique Thermo-Modelling Mask is applied, and as it begins to warm the active ingredients of the Patch Effect Cream are driven deep into the skin, leaving the complexion smooth, sculpted, nourished and protected.



Advanced Sculpt & Lift

Ideal For 50yrs Plus.

The cutting edge of Decleor's skin-care development, this ultimate anti-ageing facial treatment restores facial volume with innovative "lipo-filling" technology; combining the revitalising Qi Booster technique with the firming yet deeply relaxing Excellence Sculpting Massage. The result: facial volume is restored and firmness increased, the skin is left soft, smoothe and 'de-creased', the complexion supple & glowing with a youthful luminosity.

Vital Eyes

45 mins......£38

Can be added to any Decleor facial for £20, add 30 mins to total facial treatment time.


An intensive yet soothing anti-ageing eye treament to reduce dark circles & combat tired puffy eyes, leaving the eye contour feeling refreshed, smoothe & protected. Beginning with a relaxing back diagnostic massage, this treatment incorporates aroma-pressure & specialised massage techniques, combined with active formulas, to help relax & decongest. At the heart of this treatment is a revitalising eye mask, containing phytosqualene to restore the skin's suppleness and polysaccharides to hydrate, remineralise and regenerate tired and lined skin.  For best results, a course 4 to 6 treatments are recommended.


Recharge Vitamin Glow Facial

75 mins......£55


The Classic Aromatic Facial.  Decleor's wonderfully-relaxing signature treatment is a 100% natural multi-active treatment that is individually tailored to your skin type to correct skin imbalances. At the heart of this treatment is a poultice mask containing linseed, wheatgerm and sunflower seed, which works to moisturise and decongest the skin.  Includes superficial and deep cleansing, exfoliation, intensive facial massage with aromatic oils and balms chosen to target your specific skin concerns, a double-masque and a hot towel compress.  This is a one of a kind aromatic skincare ritual!

Aroma Expert Facials

75 mins......£62


The Specific Aromatic Facial.  This intensive facial is for those looking for an expert response to the specific needs of their skin type; even the most demanding skin is satisfied.  Each Aroma Expert treatment is chosen by the therapist to precisely target your individual skincare needs, using a concentrate of highly active ingredients with powerful properties, ensuring a difference is noticed after the very first treatment.  


For best results a course of 6 weekly treatments is recommended, followed by monthly maintanance treatments.  Choose from one of the following:

Discovery Facial

30 mins......£30


An express rescue-remedy, perfect for those who are short on time! Includes a gentle cleasnse, exfoliation, and pressure point massage. This facial does not include the Decleor signature back massage, deep cleansing, or a Decleor professional mask treatment.

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