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Using the prestigious Decleor face & body care line recognised the world over as the most comprehensive & effective range of aromatherapy face & body treatments. For over 30 years Decleor research scientists have applied modern investigative techniques to the study of aromatherapy & phytotherapy to produce cutting-edge natural aroma-skincare products that are un-equalled in their effectiveness & olfactory delight.


Natural beauty comes from an understanding of how the body works & how the powers of nature can be harnessed to encourage balance & vitality in life. Understanding this, Decleor's approach to beauty is based on the union of holistic philosophies with pure, potent & natural ingredients.


Decleor is not tested on animals.


Aroma Body Wraps

75 mins......£65


A facial for the body - each of these sumptuous and cocooning wraps fuse the power of massage with the use of nature's most powerful treasures to meet the needs of body & mind.


Each treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation to reveal radiant skin, into which warm aromatic balms are then massaged.

The heart of this treatment is a specially formulated masque containing potent plant extracts, which are massaged over the whole body.  


Whilst enveloped in this warming cocoon the body is treated to a tension-soothing scalp massage (with or without conditioning hair & scalp oil).  With the mask removed the skin is left feeling cleansed, refined, replenished & refreshed.


Choose from one of the following envelopments, all of which include a back massage:


Vanilla & Ylang Ylang, Relax & Hydrate - Offering the relaxing sensation of long, deep massage, this cocooning wrap envelopes the body in a sumptuous warming masque to soften and brighten the skin.


Anti-Fatigue Citrus Energy Boost - A stimulating zesty and warming body wrap drawing upon essential oils of Lemon, Pepper and Cypress to improve poor circulation, ease aching muscles and fight fatigue.


Lemon & Mango, Firm & Tone - A collagen-boosting body wrap with a zesty and buttery body masque to nourish, firm, tone and repair mature and sun-damaged skin, leaving it smooth and firm with a youthful radiance.

Aroma Blend


A tailor-made results-driven body treatment programme combining the power of freshly blended aromatic oils with expert massage techniques.


Can be enjoyed as a one-off SOS treatment, or in a course for more dramatic results.


Choose from one of the following four body rituals:


Full Body (60 mins)......£60

Full Body & Detoxifying Mask (70 mins)......£75

A full body massage using Grapefruit, Marjoram and Patchouli essential oils to boost circulation, eliminate toxins & improve the appearance of cellulite.




Full Body (60 mins)......£60

Full Body & Zesty Firming Mask (70 mins)......£75

A full body massage using Geranium, Rosemary and Cistus to stimulate collagen production, helping to firm and tone mature skins.




30 mins.....£30

A targeted stomach massage using Lavender, Fennel, Peppermint and Sweet Orange to ease bloatedness, aid digestion, and help flush away toxins




30 mins......£30

A targeted leg massage using Vetiver, Immortelle and Peppermint to boost circulation and refresh & stimulate heavy tired legs.



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Red Island Exfoliating Ritual

60 mins......£57


Inspired by the island of Madagascar, this treatment begins with a full body exfoliation using powdered fruit seeds combined with exotic essential oils and spices to polish and perfect skin. This is followed by a relaxing massage with warm aromatic balms to restore vitality and nourish the skin.


Radiant Mum-to-Be Treatment

90 mins......£75


This safe & nurturing top-to-toe treatment includes a relaxing body massage with nourishing balm to ease heavy legs, help prevent stretch marks & ease tension. Includes tummy-firming mask & mini-facial.


Suitable from 3 months until due-date.