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What happens during Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?


Different techniques are used for different blemishes, but in most cases the tip of a fine probe (about the size of an eyelash) is used to remove or dry up and destroy the blemish.



Will my blemish return?


The treated blemish will not return, but others may occur depending upon the root cause. You will be advised on this during consultation.



How long does it take and how many treatments?


In many cases the results are instantaneous, but length of treatment very much depends on individual problems and skin reactivity. Although a treatment plan will be devised during consultation to take into account spacing techniques and treatment intervals (normally a minimum of 4 weeks between appointments), as well as your own needs and wishes, a definite time is difficult to give.



How much does it cost?


You pay for the length of time you are treated, with a minimum of 15 minutes. Treatment at The Rowan Tree costs just £50 for 15 minutes and £80 for 30 minutes, offering a highly competitive rate for these highly-skilled procedures. Included in the cost is a free follow-up consultation (where necessary) to assess the results of the treatment. Initial appointments will require a full consultation.



Does it hurt?


Although not painful at all, some discomfort is felt, which is best likened to the feeling of a pin-prick.



What happens after treatment?


Immediately after the skin may be a little red, swollen and warm. Sometimes pin-dot crusts may appear, which must be left to fall off naturally, taking anything from 2 days to 2 weeks. Aftercare will be advised during consultation and high-quality aftercare products especially designed for ACP are available for purchase.

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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

- Sterex Method -

15 Mins......£50

30 Mins.......£80 


For effective removal of skin disorders and blemishes.

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